It is a biodegradable organic fertilizer, which optimizes the microorganisms and nutrients present in the soil to the maximum. Increases the root system by up to 200%, releases soil nutrients, such as phosphorus and potassium, making them assimilable by plants.



Bottle 1Lt.


Container 4Lt.


Cilindro 290 Kg.



Forzasil-K increases the quality and yield of the crop. It acts as a natural fungicide and optimizes pesticides by 40%. Protects the plant against biotic and abiotic effects. It mitigates the attack of plants and diseases, avoiding biotic stress, caused by pathogens inherent to crops. Avoid damage due to the presence of salts in the soil that limit the absorption of nutrients. It avoids intoxication due to the presence of heavy metals and controls water stress, when the risks are far apart.

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